Loafers or Work Boots?

Judge Who You Get Business Advice From by Their Choice of Footwear

The fact is, we don’t have any more or any less tools or knowledge than any other organization, consultant, or group claiming to be able to help you build the plumbing or HVAC business of your dreams.

But every day at 6:00AM I am lacing up the pictured pair of Redwing work boots minutes before I head to the office.

Our advantage comes from the way we approach our clients and our role as a leader in our own plumbing and HVAC service business, as evidenced by the boots that I strap on my feet every morning.

Should you take business advice from a loafer-wearing consultant?

Well, that’s totally up to you. Some folks are impressed by high priced cars, flashes of the consultant’s big fancy house in YouTube videos and high dollar suits. I have personally been around the industry long enough to have realized for myself what true leaders and true success looks like.  Sure, I have accumulated many very nice possessions and significant wealth over my career in this business. But don’t be impressed by that.

Be impressed with how we approach sustainable business success and growth from a boots-on-the-ground perspective.

Be impressed that every day I am prepared to get in the field and be a plumber or HVAC tech and do so on a weekly basis. Be impressed that I know one-sized-fits-all doesn’t work. Be impressed that I go to work every day in the same business you do. Be impressed that we’re really good at business and teaching the skills needed to get there. And be impressed that the first question I have for others telling Plumbing and HVAC businesses how to be successful is: If it’s so easy, why aren’t you doing it yourself? 

That’s all for now. Go out there & square something up in your business today! 

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