Selling A Business

Selling a Plumbing or HVAC Business

Thousands of business owners will be selling in the next 5-10 years. Of the over 200,000 plumbing contractors in the U.S., we estimate that half of these businesses are owned by Baby Boomers that will be looking to exit in the near future. 

Most of the businesses that will be for sale will, unfortunately, be worth next to nothing to anyone other than a family member or an existing employee. This means thousands of people will have worked 20, 30, or 50 years with nothing more to show than used vans, old inventory, and a lifetime of memories.


Sell A Plumbing or HVAC Company at Max Profit

“I have thousands of loyal customers, and make a darn good living…certainly my business is worth something to someone else.”

Many people come to us with this exact thought. Unfortunately, many of them are wrong. 

Selling a business you’ve sunk your life into only to feel like you won’t be fairly compensated for all the guts, grit, and heart you’ve invested can feel tragic. But the truth of the matter is, prospective buyers are interested in buying more than company history.  They know that in order to run a successful business for years to come, they’ll need more than access to your equipment and the key to your van. Ensure you’re worth investing in by learning how to increase the value of your service company today!


Get Ready to Sell Your Plumbing or HVAC Company!

We don’t sell or market plumbing and HVAC businesses. We make them sellable to buyers who are willing to pay the multiples you’re dreaming of.  

We work hand-in-hand with entrepreneurs, investors, and the future of this industry every day. We know what buyers are looking for. We can help you square up your business to attract the type of buyers that are willing to pay for success in the market today. 

The strategists at PlumbAmatic will work with you to assess the real value of your business, the marketability of the company to today’s buyers, and the steps to take to fix your company so you can get the payoff you deserve.

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