How Does Plumbamatic Compare To Our Competitors?

What Makes PlumbAmatic Different

There is no shortage of offerings claiming to be the end all solution, but very few deliver these solutions the way we do.

Let's look at how we stack up to some of the most common types of solutions out there for plumbing, HVAC and home service companies.

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Plumbamatic VS. Networks, Success Path & Mastermind Groups

Joining a country club doesn't make you a better golfer. 

Do you know what else doesn’t? The number of other country club members, who the head pro is, how good other members have done while belonging to the country club, or the average handicap of the other members. 

But if you like golf, belonging to a country club has its benefits. So does belonging to one of the countless plumbing and HVAC networks, success groups focused on contractors, and motivational “be better than you are today” groups focused on helping plumbing, HVAC and electrical contractors. 

Best practice, success groups, and networks are awesome for bringing like minded business owners together and have a wealth of success and knowledge behind them. They are good at canning the systems that we have all used to build what we have today. They have lots of money and lots of members and in turn, offer a lot to their members.  But it's their pure business model that is the major difference between working with Plumbamatic and joining a network or best practice group.

We have had many clients that are or were members of the most popular networks and best practice groups. It wasn't until they began working with us that they had time to play golf.

Proven business systems Yes Yes
One size fits all approach Yes No, what works for a 70m company will not be the answer for a 5m company
How they profit Selling memberships & upselling services, kickbacks Making clients money
Online library of systems, procedures, canned training Yes (may be at additional costs) Yes
Use of proprietary info Heavily copyrighted and access is stripped if you quit Everything we have available to our clients is fully customizable and owned by the client
Marketing systems Yes Yes
Pressure to follow the pack Yes No, what works for one may ruin another.
Impact on operating the business Very little Our main focus
Motivational rallys Yes Not our cup of tea
Point of contact Assigned staff Principal and hands on owner operator of a business just like yours
Hands on implementation No Yes
Make money by selling additional goods and services Yes No
Upfront or joining fees Yes No
Ongoing Costs $$$ $$
ROI ? Guaranteed

PlumbAmatic VS. Plumbing and HVAC Business Coaches

Have you ever seen (pick the name of head football coach everyone will know but never played football) on the football field making a block, throwing a pass, or scoring a touchdown?

That is the difference between working with Plumbamatic and hiring a plumbing or HVAC business coach. 

We roll up our sleeves, immerse ourselves in the day in and day outs of our clients' company and integrate our tools, systems, and industry knowhow in a way that gets our clients from where they are to where they want to be.

Owns actually plumbing and HVAC companies Not likely Yes
Proven business systems and knowhow Likely Yes
Currently operates multiple plumbing and HVAC companies Not likely Yes

Plumbamatic VS. Plumbing, HVAC, Service, Sales, Training Academies

Training matters! And for people looking to pawn that training off on others, I have great news! There are some excellent training academies out there that are awesome at delivering sales training, how to run a service call training, call center scripting training... You name it and it's out there. 

PlumbAmatic focuses on training business owners to operate their business better and teaches these leaders what and how to train their own people, as we believe the people that do the training in a company are the true leaders of the company.

We offer out of the box training programs for our clients. A large part of what makes companies successful is the training of the team. There are many independent sales, service, technical and overall home service training companies out there offering amazing training services and we know the very best ones should that be something that is required to get your business to the next level.

Plumbamatic VS. Social Media Personalities and Facebook Groups

If our goal was to gather as many plumbers, HVAC contractors and electricians into one place so we could peddle products and sell the rights to advertise to that group, well, we would go about our business a bit differently. If this was our business plan, we would care how many Facebook users we have, how many YouTube and Twitter followers we have. We would post selfies, we would host podcasts, idolize successful tradespeople, we would do interviews and feature small businesses. We would have “exclusive content” and bronze, silver or gold plans that you can join. 

But that is not our business plan. We get results. 

Social media personalities, Facebook groups and folks looking for a base to sell subscriptions to and generate advertising revenue are a great resource for ideas, stories and and overall entertainment.

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