How does working with us work?

You are on this page for a reason.

Why Work With PlumbAmatic™

We are driven. We are passionate. We are open-minded. We are strategists. We help business owners build empires.

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    We accelerate growth

    We help good companies grow faster.

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    We get results

    If we don't deliver, we will fire ourselves.

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    You'll start loving your business

    We teach you to work on your business, not in it. Plus, making money is fun.

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    You'll build a legacy

    Your business is your lives work. Make it valuable. 

What we bring to the table

We bring everything but the kitchen sink to the table. 

All joking aside, we have all the tools and resources required to square up every facet of your company:

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    Financial & Accounting

    We will help you get a grip on your P&L, streamline your accounting process, eliminate receivables and much much more.

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    Inventory & Truck Stock

    From how to lay out a service truck to what you should keep on it. We will help you eliminate the waste from a lack of inventory control.

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    Pricing & Price Books

    How much should you charge? What should be in your price book? Calculate your rates? We got that.

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    Marketing & Advertising

    We will take point on all marketing in your business and turn you into a household name in your market.

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    Training Curriculum

    Want to train your techs but don’t know how or what to train on? Need to book more calls? We will teach you to lead your company and become an expert trainer. 

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    Good help is hard to find. We know where and how to find the best. Most importantly we will help you create a culture where people want to be.

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    Software Implementation

    We will help you get what you are paying for in your software by making sure it is set up properly to give you the metrics you need to execute.

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    We will turn your company into a profit printing machine by getting you operationally excellent. It's what we do.

Working with PlumbAmatic

We are often asked, how does this all work? Each partnership we form with a client is a bit different because each of our clients are at different stages of their business journey. Despite those differences our proven process remains the same. 

  1. First things first, are we a good fit-

    We learn the answer to this critical question during the discovery call. This isn’t a sales call or a lead setting call. You will be one-on-one with the wizard of profit himself. The mission during this meeting is to simply find the answer to this question: are we the right fit for you and do you have what it takes for us to partner with?

  2. Alignment-

    Together we align with where you are now, your market, your existing capabilities, strengths and weaknesses and craft a plan to dominate your market.

  3. Investment-

    We build a true win-win partnership with our clients. Our fees are directly tied to the performance of your company. As you grow, we grow. It's that simple.

  4. Ride the bullet

    Ride the bullet- We have said several times throughout our guidance on this website. We get sh*t done. Once you pull the trigger, it's time to ride the bullet.

  5. You’re in business for yourself, not by yourself-

    Once partnered with PlumbAmatic, you own the company but you have aligned with a powerful partner that will work tirelessly alongside you to help you achieve your goals. After all, your goals are our goals too.

What to expect as a client

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    Together we are going to get things done. You should expect to achieve the results that you came here to find.

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    You should expect some of your circle of influence to push back against you and us. This is normal and there is nothing that we like better than proving a naysayer wrong. 

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    If you keep doing what you're doing, you're going to get what you’ve got. Partnering with us will initiate a series of tactical and strategic changes in your company.

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    Patience is required

    One ingredient we cannot bring to the table is time, and time is required for success.

Who We Work With

We only work with the most elite or soon to be elite operators in the plumbing, heating & air conditioning space. We also answer to and only deal directly with the end all, be all leader of that company.

Most of our clients come to us between 750K to 3M and quickly double. The size of your current company is not a concern to us, but be prepared for it to grow.


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