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Building a price book for the services you offer can be a daunting task. It's such a hassle, most contractors don’t bother doing so despite the fact that being properly priced is critical to being successful in the home service business. Our price book builder was built by tradespeople for tradespeople.

We Take The Hassle Out of Setting Plumbing & HVAC Prices

Plumbing and HVAC contractors are always looking for an easy way to calculate plumbing and HVAC service prices, which is why PlumbAmatic™ built the On Point Price Book Builder™. The best part is, we offer it as a FREE tool! Our no cost plumbing & HVAC price book template is the perfect tool for streamlining your pricing process. Get detailed quotes, optimize your pricing for profits, and keep clients coming back with accurate estimates using this helpful template.

We Help You Set Your Plumbing and HVAC Service Rates

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We start by identifying what specific tasks should be in your plumbing or HVAC price book. Once we have a task list to work with, the next step is to start building the pricing you will charge for each of the services that you provide. In the end, your pricing should provide you the right amount of profit, be fair to your clients and also be competitive within your market’s rates. We take into consideration your labor costs, markup, materials and equipment costs, as well as credit card fees, commissions and taxes when determining a rate. For more information on pricing HVAC and plumbing services, check out our blog post on “Setting Your Rates for Plumbing & HVAC Services.”

Our Price Book Keeps Track of Equipment and Material Cost

With price increases for plumbing and HVAC materials and equipment running wild, keeping track of your hard costs is critical. Our price book allows you to store plumbing and HVAC materials and equipment and include them in flat rate prices you provide your client. This ensures accuracy when you are estimating and protects the profitability of each service. When completing your price guide, be sure to include all major materials such as water heaters, furnaces, pumps, and consumables as well as wages for technicians working on the job, delivery fees, marketing costs, insurance costs and so on. Don’t forget that these can vary greatly by job site or within a project. Add these together once you have the cost of materials to get your desired rate per hour.

Plumbing & HVAC Price Books With Profit & Client Retention Built In

A properly built price book protects profits and sells more work. In order to make sure you're pricing your jobs profitably, your price book builder must make sure you’re not just considering the labor and materials, but also factoring in your operational costs like benefits, insurance, vehicles and equipment fees. Often overlooked is overhead. Our price book builder takes the headache out of pricing plumbing and HVAC jobs for profit and client retention by accurately calculating prices for services without the hassle of having to manually calculate margins on each job. With the option to adjust discounts, fees, and each task individually, this is the ultimate plumbing price book. Your profits are protected and customer satisfaction increases because they know the price before the work starts!

Use a Plumbing & HVAC Price Book to Your Advantage

Having a comprehensive plumbing & HVAC price book is an invaluable asset to your business. Take the stress out of quoting plumbing and HVAC jobs and increase efficiency and follow up by having the ability to access all pricing information quickly.  All of this can be accomplished with our free plumbing price  book template, or get the HVAC version if that would better suit your needs. 

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